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Nebras Workflow Manager The missing ring of the MISs

Nebras Workflow Management System (NWMS) provides your organization the infrastructure to fully automate your business processes. The intelligent workflow engines lying under your organization systems, flow the works in your organization among different departments, workers or even purpose-specific applications, feed them with the required documents or other inputs and collect the expected results. NWMS chooses the performers and runs the business process's step by step around the departments based on:

  1. Business Process Model,
  2. Organization Structure Model
  3. Human Resource Model
  4. Business Document and Entities Model
  5. Domain Specific Application Model.

Nebras Workflow Manager

To keep the organization managers fully informed all way long, NWM provides a fully configurable monitoring tool - called Nebras Monitoring System - to supervise the work stream in the organization. This monitoring tool provides software sensors which can be placed in different parts of the organization and set to be sensitive on specific criteria, such as a specific timings, worker, work, business process, etc; alerting the organization administrator of any change in scope of the set criteria.
Integrated with Nebras Organization Modeling System (NOMS), NWMS enables you change your processing model during rapid Business Process Reengineering projects. This makes your organization adaptable and dynamic in the least amount time with the least cost.

Organize, Lead and Control your Organization

Nebras Workflow Manager

Make a Paper-less Audio Visual Organization


  • Starting, tracking, altering and managing business flows in the organization based on organization’s business flow models
  • Flowing documents and data objects in the organization based on their properties and contents to the corresponding workers.
  • Connectable to various specific-purpose hardware and industrial devices
  • Extended features for non-procedural (ad-hock) managerial tasks
  • Not requiring a single PC for every individual
  • Directing each task to the related worker not regarding where on the network he is logged in
  • Delivering works to every individual as soon as they log in the network
  • Setting and joining electronic conferences, meetings, appointments etc.
  • Grouping and joining virtual teams
  • Providing CORBA, COM, Java and C# interfaces for highest interoperability with existing software or specific-purpose vertical applications developed based on almost any platform
  • Launching the specific application for the requiring works
  • On-the fly work break-down features for team working
  • Attaching documents, business entities and multimedia objects to a work
  • Informing the requester with his request state and progression
  • Enhanced with an advanced configurable monitoring tool for suitable organization managerial purposes
  • Being able to rout the works via Local and Mobile phone network.
  • Alerting workers and manager of changes in works, raised critical conditions or overdue tasks
  • Scheduling works or flows to a specific time in the future

Nebras Workflow Manager