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Nebras Document Management System The glory of integration

No matter how big or small your organization is, there are many business flows running through it every second during which various data objects may be created, changed or deleted. We believe these documents are not supposed to be necessarily electronic. Anything may be treated as a data object in your organization.
Nebras Document Management System plans to provide the required infrastructure for Information System’s integration. It is the integral part of any Paperless Organization.


  • Establishing a secure centralized repository for your documents
  • Providing the required interfaces to be integrated in your purpose-specific applications
  • An inevitable requirement for ISO-holding organizations
  • “Version control” and “Change history” management for any type of data object
  • The e-Repository for any type of data object including forms, documents,
    audio/video files, etc
  • Advanced extensibility features with high capacity for defining various forms, documents and different software
  • Advanced electronic archive for any type of data object in the organization
  • Customizable due to local requirements
  • Integrated with Nebras Workflow Management System
  • Advanced search methods based on documents and data objects names, subjects, contents and special properties
  • Advanced document and data object classification
  • Defining special coding systems for documents and data objects as well as support of different predefined coding systems
  • Providing “Document Distribution System” for distributed organizations
  • Including persons and organizations information database along with their relations suitable for setting up or tracking official correspondence or distributed document management
  • Providing archiving features for non-electronic documents.
  • Advanced security and change tracking features including configurable access controls.
  • Web support through Intranet, Extranet or Internet suitable for large organizations with globally distributed branches.
  • Managing simultaneous data objects access by different users through document checking-in/out
  • Providing saving, retrieving and chain tracking data objects
  • Supporting various electronic files such as PDF, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint Slide shows, AutoCAD technical maps, video/audio formats, pictures and other user defined formats
  • Support of different electronic forms developed in various programming environments including Visual Basic, Visual C++, .NET, Java, etc