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For all the courses and workshops below, Nebras Informatics will just, provide the
instructor and the material.
There are special discounts for the same courses and workshops in the following cities :

Toronto   %10
Paris   %10
London   %5

Nebras Informatics Technical Training Courses

Fundamental Courses
Title Duration
Fundamentals of Object Oriented Technology 16 hrs
Applied UML 40 hrs

Short Term Courses
Title Duration
Organization Modeling with UML 8 hrs
RUP Fundamentals 4 hrs
RUP from Requirement Analysis and Software Analysis and Design viewpoint 8 hrs
RUP from Implementation, Test and Deployment viewpoint 6 hrs
RUP from Configuration, Platform and Project Change Management viewpoint 8 hrs
RUP from Project Management viewpoint 6 hrs

Advanced Courses
Title Duration
Advanced Use Case Modeling 12 hrs
Object Oriented Analysis and Design using
16 hrs
Software Factory Essentials (I) : Patterns 12 hrs
Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML(II)
12 hrs


Programming Courses
Title Duration
Web Application Development using C#.NET  
Windowse Application Development using C#.NET  
Web Application Development using VB.NET  
Windows Application Development using VB.NET  
XML Web Services