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Programming Courses

Technological achievements in software methodologies and the advent of advanced platforms have caused revolutionary changes in software development world.
These courses are aimed to introduce these new and advanced techniques and concepts in developing windows and web-based applications, targeting both novice and experienced programmers interested to update their programming knowledge.
Here is a list of courses held by Nebras Informatics Corp.

Web Application Development using C#.NET

Covered Syllabus in this course:  

·        Introduction to web Programming

·        Creating Web Forms Application

·        Working with Web Objects

·        Creating a User Interface, Using Controls, Validating Data

·        Sorting and Retrieving Data with ADO.NET

·        Processing Transactions

·        Catching and Correcting Errors, Logging Exceptions

·        Advanced Web Forms Programming

·        Sending and Retrieving User Information

·        Sending Mail

·        Using Client Side Script

·        Consuming XML Web Services

·        Maintaining Security, Authenticating and Authorizing   Users, Providing Secure Communication

·        Building and Deploying Web Application

·        Deploying Across Multiple Servers

·        Testing Web Application

·        Creating Custom Web Controls

·        Working with Multimedia

·        Formatting Web Application Out Put Using Cascading       style  sheets  and XSL Transformations

·        Providing Help

·        Globalizing Web Applications  

Windows Application Development using C#.NET
Covered Syllabus in this course:  

·        Visual Studio .Net, Introduction to .Net, Data types, Control structures.

·        Object Oriented Programming, Class, this, static, Constructors, const, read only.

·        C# Type System, struct, enum, class vs struct, Copy constructor, static methods, Parameter Passing, Reference and output  parameter, Method overloading, params.

·        Properties, operator overloading, Characters, strings, Arrays, Indexers.

·        Inheritance, Method hiding, call Constructors, Virtual Method and Polymorphism, Abstract class, Sealed class.

·        Formatting and Conversion, Type Conversion, Exception Handling, Inner Exception.

·        Interface and multiple inheritance problem, Interface as a service, nested types.

·        Delegate and sample of Delegate, Introduction to windows application.

·        Event and user interface programming.

·        Collections, what is .Net Framework, Menus and Advanced windows programming.

·        Attribute based programming, Custom Attributes, Serialization, Synchronization, Reflection.

·        Creating Class library, Assemblies, Debugging, Introduction to Ado.net.

·        Working with Stored procedures.

·        Advanced Ado.net Programming.

·        Advanced Ado.net Programming.

·        Configuration, localized, Deployment


Web Application Development using VB.NET

Covered Syllabus in this course:  

·        Introduction to Web Programming & .NET Platform &  Visual Studio .NET

·        Creating a User Interface

·        Working with Web Object

·        ADO.NET

·        Catching & Correcting Errors

·        Security

·        Testing Web Applications

·        Custom Controls

·        Working with Multimedia

·        Output Formatting

·        Globalization Web Applications

·        Deployment a web Based_ Application  


Windows Application Development using VB.NET

Covered Syllabus in this course:  

·        Introduction to .NET Framework

·        Common Language Runtime / Variables and types

·        Namespaces/ Error Handling

·        Windows Forms

·        Class, Inheritance and Interface

·        Working  with Classic COM Components

·        Data Access with ADO.NET

·        Creating Windows Controls

·        Assemblies and Deployment  


XML Web Services

·        Why Web Services?

·        Creating a Basic Web Services

·        SOAP

·        XML Schema

·        Using WSDL to Document Web Services

·        ASP.NET

·        XML Serialization

·        Using Remoting to Build and Consume Web Services

·        Discovery Mechanisms for Web Services

·        Building Secure Web Services

·        Debugging Web Services

·        Scalability and Availability

·        The Future of Web Services