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Organization Modeling with UML

Why do we model an organization?
Organization models are the premier requirements for building software systems based on the organization’s specifications. They are also used in organization re-engineering in order to optimize processes, activities, documentations, data structures and tune the organization based on its goals and operations.

Who should attend this course?
This course is designed for the managers, system analysts, organization architects and policy devisers. It is also recommended for the experts in fields of software, management and industrial engineering.

What does this course cover?
This course provides the participants with a subset of UML that can be applied in architecting an organization. This subset of UML is taught in a different viewpoint from the UML used in software development. Finally basic concepts in organization models such as organization and activity charts, human resource models, document resource models and organization entities are discussed.

What are the goals of this course?
This course plans to show how UML can be applied in organization modeling, helping to provide an accurate, complete and flexible architecture for the organization.