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Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML

Who should attend this course?
The participants are required to have basic knowledge on object oriented concepts and UML .

What does this course cover?
Having required base knowledge about object oriented concepts and UML, it is time to apply them in practice. Seeing the right objects in the design environment, known as “Object distinction”, is one of the most important skills to be mastered by the system designer. Deciding whether to choose something as an object or not can sometimes be very challenging. This plus object roles and relationships among objects such as inheritance, aggregation and many other, makes object distinction a very subtle and intricate task, requiring high level skills. This course plans to provide the participants with required skills and tips to face these issues and put their object oriented knowledge into practice.

What are the goals of this course?
This course aims to advance the participants’ skills in object oriented analysis and design based on UML standards.