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Applied UML

What is UML?

UML is the selected modeling language by OMG (Object Management Group), the international standardization organization in object oriented world. It is one of the few common viewpoints that is globally accepted by many of the world’s prominent companies such as SUN, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.

Not only UML is used in software modeling, it is also one of the most important languages to model an organization. This makes learning UML a must not only for all software experts but also managers and industrial engineers.

What is methodology?
Methodology consists of two main aspects. Process and Modeling language.

Modeling language is tool to describe and extend a system design while process outlines the recommended steps for software development.

Who should attend this course?
This is course is for all software experts as well as managers and industrial engineers.

It requires the participants to be acquainted with object oriented concepts.

What does this course cover?
This course provides the required knowledge for all software and non-software experts to understand models based on UML.

What are the goals of this course?
This course is designed so as the experts can understand and analyze UML models and the corresponding documents.