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Nebras Enterprise, A new Paradigm in ERP and MIS industry

Nebras Enterprise is a collection of systems that could be considered as a framework for building and integrating domain specific systems in order to make desired large-scale ERPs, MIS s. It includes low-level infrastructure, high-level systems and tools based on international standards to support developers and consultants to build-up and configure Enterprise Systems rapidly.

Nebras Workflow Manager The missing ring of the MISs.
Nebras Document Management System The glory of integration.
Nebras Remote Office Be intercontinental.
Nebras Organization Modeler The most pragmatic professional tool
for modeling enterprise organization with UML.
Nebras Persistence Service Just keep concentrated on the core business. leave the rest to us.


Heidelberg University has expressed its satisfaction about the quality and performance of the Nebras supplied software.

ECOOP2003 selected Nebras Enterprise among the 8 products chosen to participate in the Technical Demonstrations of this year.
ECOOP2003 demos

OOPSLA2002 announced that 3 out of 27 products chosen to participate in the Technical Demonstration are from Nebras Informatics.
OOPSLA2002 demo-9

OOPSLA2002 demo-12

OOPSLA2002 demo-26